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Located right next to the Ancient Roman Forum, our Apartments offer the perfect starting point to explore many of Thessaloniki’s greatest attractions. Founded in 315 BC, an important place for Roman period and one of the wealthiest cities of the Byzantine Empire, Thessaloniki is home to numerous Byzantine monuments, as well as Roman, Ottoman and Sephardic Jewish.

A popular destination where you can enjoy nightlife, local and international cuisine, shopping as well as many events around the year. A short walk from us you will find bars, cafes, restaurants, street food, and small shops.
Upon arrival we will provide an extensive list of great places for food and drinks in Thessaloniki and you can always ask our staff for nearby trip suggestions.

Neighborhood lovely mini guide!

Experience the city as a local and revel in a shopping spree at the vintage market of the city starting from Venizelou Street above Egnatia. Here you will find beautiful antiques, vintage and traditional items and retro ephemera. Traveling is a great way to find new treasures, finding a unique piece that you can go home with.

Koumpi Café is an amazing little coffee shop that organizes weekly workshops that include from doll making to collage. Enjoying the best hot chocolate of the city, while learning a new skill like calligraphy during your visit.

If you feel hungry, visit Mourga where you will enjoy yummy fresh fish and local dishes!


Close by Sights

Roman Forum- considered to be the centre of the ancient Thessaloniki known as the “Ancient Agora(market)”. It is the biggest archeological site of Thessaloniki and home to Las Incantadas, as called by the Sephradic Jews of the city. Also known as “Magemenes” meaning enchanted, the statues were eight mythical figures that are since 1864 in the Louvre Museum. Visiting the Roman Forum Museum one can learn a lot about the ancient city and its history until the fire of 1917 that changed the form of Thessaloniki.

Agios Dimitrios – build in the early 4th century, the patron saint of Thessaloniki, is located in the ruins of the Ancient Roman Forum(build on top of a basilica). There are catacombs beneath the temple and the church also includes a museum.

Bey Hamam – An architectural jewel and one of the most important buildings of Ottoman architecture in Thessaloniki build in 1444. “The Baths of Paradise” are known for their unique aesthetic including wall paintings, great marble and impressive design.

Within a few hours drive you can find yourself at the beautiful beaches of Halkidiki and many archeological sites and religious places. Here is a list with close by trip delight destinations chosen by Gatto Perso himself.

To help you plan your trips visit

Vergina – The first capital of ancient Macedonia, Aigai,home to a series of significant monuments.

Pella – The birthplace of Alexander the Great. Here you can find Mosaic floors kept in great conditions, including one of the most famous mosaics The Abduction of Helen.

Dion – The archeological Park and Museum are the most important archaeological sites near Moutain Olympus. Places of interest for both Hellenistic and Roman Periods.

Mountain Olympus – Home of the Greek Gods, according to Greek mythology, the highest mountain in Greece, ideal destination due to its geology, morphology and nature. Starting from Litochoro you can get a taste of the local cuisine, swim in the natural spring or climb the top of the mountain.

Halkidiki – Quite possibly the favorite summer destination of Thessaloniki’s locals, Halkidiki offers beautiful natural landscape, amazing beaches, making it the top destination for nearby excursions. Some of Gatto’s favorites are:

Vourbourou – Ideal destination for families and or a romantic day with small crystal clear beaches like Karydi Beach and Kavourotripes.

Near Marmaras – Here you will find an amazing little village called Elia Beach and dine at Kymata Restaurant right next to a small port.

Ammouliani – A small island 120km from Thessaloniki, with traditional house and ideal for a peaceful stay. Have a great day by the sea at Alykes Beach.

Mountain Athos – is an Orthodox sacred

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