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Making Memories

At Gatto Perso we host remarkable occasions and we can help personalize and tailor each event to your individual wishes. Your wedding should be the most momentous day of your life and choosing the right venue is imperative. Gatto Perso sets an elegant scene where special memories are created for you, your family and friends. The accommodation itself, at the heart of Thessaloniki, is the epitome of downtown’s chic and traditional Greek old- world charm. The ideal scenery for bridal preparation as well as hosting your guests and our experienced and dedicated team are entirely at your service to help organize your perfect day!

All rooms offer natural daylight and each rises to the special occasion with suitable elegance and style. The marble-floored bathrooms, vintage plaster ceiling design and crystal chandeliers add the finishing touch to help celebrate your wedding in elegant style.

Thoughtful Touches

Individual name cards
Flowers at each room
Custom made cookies or cup cakes

Local products
Candy Bar at entrance
Wish Board

Activities for Guests or couples

Custom made guest’s Wish Book with local calligrapher

Plan a visit at out accommodation and see each room type. Contact us directly for Wedding and Baptism offers 2310 221 445. Please note that for such occasions no discounts or offers from collaborating websites can be applied.